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Quality Experience
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Virtual Arena
for online competitions
Partner with World Talent Games to co-produce and co-promote premium quality entertainment. WTG offers a spectrum of brand integration solutions.
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WTG's 'TV-done-Online' approach enables you to level up the stakes and engagement via online competitions in any geo-genres.
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Tailored brand solutions from exclusive sponsorships to assortment of advertising tiers backed by deep analytics.
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'Quality from the Start' enables brand association and exclusive protection services - from traffic funneling to online proliferation.
Check out some samples from online competitions ranging from local to national projects and varied brand integration options.
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Online Talent Shows & Web Reality Series
Unlike one-way TV broadcasting or studio audience with controllers bolted onto chairs, we specialize in immersive live interactivity.
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Non-Skip Entertainment w/ Exponential Engagement
Live spectacle meshing expert panel judging, physical event spectators and online audience voting by rippling & funnelling on all social networks.
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Next-Gen Voting - Any Medium, Any Time!
Multi-parametric live voting with weighted algorithms that mesh online and in-event audiences with expert panel judging into real-time leaderboards.
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Global Online Voting & Live Event Streaming
StarBeat was the official audience voting and live-streaming provider at the 2018 World Freestyle Skateboarding Championships.
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Designed to Replicate - Right from the Start
Light a social wildfire by leveraging hyperconnected influencers - the next generation of global celebrities and cultural icons.
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Top Latte Artist - Vancouver Competition
StarBeat partnered with Breville, ECM, Barista Canada and unified city-wide coffee shops in a Vancouver's top barista search.
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StarBeat on the Street - Teen Entertainment News
Breaking News: Youth is online! StarBeat gives them the TV treatment for the video game generation. Online talent shows, web reality series...
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Our Street Teams - To Swarm Your Town
We digitally magnetize the youth and offer them direct gigs to ripple, resonate and radiate energy across towns.
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World Talent Games - Explainer Video
Let's go on a quick journey and explore what World Talent Games offers to the next gen of talent through next gen technologies.
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A Quick Bit on Live Audience Voting
WTG's TalentOS™ works on all systems, devices, browsers... Just swipe to score and share... (+ process sophisticated results on live leaderboards).
Fully dynamic display opportunities for sponsors and advertisers on a dedicated competition platform - or hosted solutions if you prefer!


Sponsors for online talent shows (any genres). Team/City virtual arena' ex: 'Staples Center Online'.


Any device, multimedia capabilities, interactive call-to-action, sponsored, ads...

Commercial Bits

Commercial inserts, dynamic and/or static multimedia integrations...


Multimedia engagement for next logical steps, interactive call to action, suggestions...


Within contest integration, hover/touch expand, multimedia interactivity, menus...

Media Stage

Virtual Arena - stage modelling: 'Physical-to-Virtual' transposition, traditional-to-online business logic (stages, courts, fields, etc.)

Ad Wrappers

Over-the-content programmatic ad integrations, algorithmic context, commercial inserts, intros, outs...


Permanent integration, in-content placement, 'Brought to you by...', internal * external value: social sharing, online propagation...

Action Sponsor

Online voting, timers, 'Brought to you by.', audience interactions, engagement association...


Slider, 1-100 scoring in one swipe, programmable sequences: slide-score-sponsor-share, haptic/AV...


Achievements, trophies, user sponsorships, endorsements, stats, analytics, lower thirds, levels...


Customizable displays, actions, timers, leaderboards, news updates, tab-enabled...


Sponsors, live & interactive contest leaders, real-time scoring, hovers & touch-pops, static or animated...


Categories, classifications, selectors, context interactions, search, filter, sort, share...

App Expansions

Page expand, dedicated interactions, advanced voting & leaderboards, list selections, directories, searches, news...


Interactive maps, analytics, hovers, pop-up expansions, layered commercial integrations...


Leaderboard standings, countries, teams, flags, trophies, medals, endorsements, achievements...


Info & tools for user engagement, matchmaking, categories, tiers, performance levels, associations...


Contestants, audience, achievements, sponsorships, endorsements, news, stories...


Vital stats and user configured achievements, categories, levels, trophy case, highlights...


Sponsored sub-navigation modules, hovers, pop-ups, lower 3rds, overlays, shortcuts...


Contest notifications, achievements, standings, stats, leaderboards, programmable...


Audience-powered entertainment, individual & team matches, tiers, levels, challenges, callouts...

Multimedia Ads

In-content embedded advertising, contextual integration, repeat scroll insertions, analytics...

Ad Blocks

Standardized 3rd party ad services, integration of commercial banners, no-resistance adaptation...


Emails, notifications, discussions... sponsored communication utilities around relevant interactions...

Real Estate

Page takeovers... Creative possibilities for meaningful engagement, interactive UX...

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